How the BC Liberals changed my mind on May 14th

*Political Rant*

I am concerned about what is happening in BC. We are on the eve of electing a new premier who will not deserve to be our premier. You could pick either candidate and make that statement. Those that know me and my political beliefs know I am not a supporter of unions and/or the NDP. I am disgusted with the Liberals and what they have done with Healthcare, special needs individuals and the ILLEGAL tactics they have pursued with teachers. Do you remember the last teachers work stoppage? The Liberals cancelled the collective bargaining rights of BC Teachers and imposed a short term contract that wasn’t negotiable. This contract ends shortly after the election. Guess they didn’t think they would be back in office. It will be interesting to see what happens this fall when schools starts again.

For a laugh we could talk about the so called BC Jobs Plan. This was more about displacing eligible BC residents and replace them with Foreign Workers. The BC Liberals went overseas and helped BC based companies recruit foreigners to take jobs that required Federally approved VISAS. Next they pressured Ottawa on behalf of these companies to approve the VISA’s. Where was their effort to help fill BC jobs with people from BC? Next time you get a chance speak to someone looking for work and ask them if they feel there is adequate resources available to them to find jobs.

I once said that you would never see me vote for the NDP. Christy Clark and the BC Liberals have screwed the people of BC for too long. Some politicians are polished and persuasive and can convince you to vote for them and their party. Christy Clarke convinced this Anti-NDP Pro Conservative voter to do what I said I never would….Vote NDP.

I encourage you to reflect on the last 12 years and decide if we are living in a better BC. Have our elected officials kept their side of the bargain?

Time for a Change. Vote NDP I am.


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