Shut Up and Listen

I came across this Ted Talk on and it is worth all the 17 minutes you will invest watching it..

Ernesto Sirolli is an aid worker and this talk is largely about his work with multiple NGOs in the 70s. But every salesperson and entrepreneur should translate Sirolli’s message into his or her work. It takes discipline to slow down, shut up, and listen. All too often, salespeople show up with the intent to talk talk talk, rather than listen. We may show up with a script programmed into our head that, according to the numbers, demonstrates that it has a high conversion rate. We go to a meeting with a potential customer, we plan to say “this and that and some more of that”, and we walk away without asking questions. What if you went into your next sales call or meeting with the intent to listen, rather than to talk?

“We become friends and we find out what that person wants to do…The passion that the person has for their own growth is the most important thing.”

Shut Up and Listen


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