Why is Kelly Thinking?

At the end of the Terminator Salvation movie Sarah Connors narrates a warning “There is a storm on the horizon”.  How we prepare ourselves for the storm will be the difference between hardship and success.

As an entrepreneur and an experienced sales leader I am intrigued by the challenges facing the generations that are currently entering the work force and how we as business owners, mentors and managers can best engage this new workforce.


With almost 20 years’ experience in technology my work is a mix strategic counsel, coach/mentor, trusted sales leader and creative storytelling.

I’ver worked for a number of public and private companies from small entreprenuriel organizations to large corporations.  In former roles I directed sales for a technology company focused on selling to the SMB market, was part of a team that took a software startup from near zero to $100 Million and their IPO and ramped a social media startup through initial customer engagements.

My own work experience started when I was in grade 8 with a paper route.  By grade 10 I was working my first ~real~ job pumping gas at a local Shell service station.  Since then I have delivered food, worked on a farm, lifeguard, waited tables, drove forklifts, landscaped, worked retail (Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” still sends shivers down my spine to this day because of this job), a sales rep, a social media entrepreneur, a manager and a Director of Sales.  My worst job and the one that may of had the biggest influence was a summer job with my Uncle Hugh working at an abattoir.  Hauling sides of beef all day paid well for a 20yr old and was great for the muscles but dulled the mind.  Having visions of becoming a “lifer” motivated me to buckle down and complete my university education.


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